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Heidelberg Pastry Shop

Heidelberg Pastry Shop is a SoCal Bakery that had a site that was build back in the 90’s. I contracted with the Owner to update his site to include an updated UI/UX with a photo Gallery and notifications. His site is now also mobile friendly which has allowed his customers to view all the products and services he offers. Along with the new UI/UX Heidelberg's new site includes both an integrated Google Maps and Instagram.

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Priority One Security

Priority One Security had their website hosted on GoDaddy. Not only did the site not have all the functionality that they wanted, it was also difficult and time consuming for them to maintain. I was able to move their site from GoDaddy and serve it on Digital Ocean Cloud Servers, building them a site with the functionality that they desired.

One of the main UI/UX improvements is the formatting of their forms making them more interactive and condensed for the users view. Along with the adaptation of the UI/UX the overall Design of the site was overhauled giving it a more modern look that has been praised by their customers and clients.

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